Bhavik Haria Brought The House Down At The Nehru Centre


On 5 June we brought the house down at the Nehru Centre when international musician, Bhavik Haria performed music from his new album, Sama. It was an evening of celebration where just over 130 people from different walks of life came together to hear Bhajan music. This was the largest audience for the Nehru Centre this year. The Deputy High Commissioner, Sujit Ghosh attended along with Mark Hoda, Chairman of the Gandhi Foundation.


For some people, it was their first time listening to this ancient genre of music from India, and were enthralled. Bhajan music focuses on uplifting and bringing people together, and Bhavik’s music is a contemporary sound of Bhajan music. On the night Bhavik performed songs from the album with talented musicians that included a tabla player, a saxophonist, and a violinist, bringing traditional Indian and Western instruments together. Sama is part of Bhavik’s mission to #KeepBhajansAlive which he successfully started in 2020. To help further his campaign, the album has a QR code that gives an English transliteration of the lyrics from Hindi.

Sama has been produced by Kaykay Chauhan with lyrics by Ajay Chandaran and released on 30 May. It is an initiative supported by the Arts Council England. On the night Hedley Swain, CEO of the Royal Pavilion and Museums Trust, Brighton & Hove said, “It has been a pleasure to see Bhavik’s music evolve and mature. He is a real talent. It is so important that music from different faiths and traditions are being heard in the UK and contributing to its rich creativity”.

Sama is an album two years in the making and is a UK-India production, where the music includes celebrated musicians from the UK and India. The album takes the listener on a soulful journey of transformation, transcending religious labels. It explores gratitude, compassion, and the liberating power of forgiveness, important reflections in today’s troubled world. Both Bhavik and Sama have earned high media praise and this feature in Asian Voice newspaper is one of our favourites.