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Press Statement – Calling All Political Parties: Don’t Forget About The UK’s Curry Industry? Our Votes Matter

Oli Khan, MBE, President of Bangladesh Caterers Association (BCA), the UK’s largest organisation representing 12,000 UK curry restaurants and takeaways, speaks out about the apathy from the political parties towards his sector. BCA has heard nothing from any of the candidates, especially Starmer or Sunak to convince BCA members that their vote matters. BCA has […]

Working With The Gandhi Foundation

Sometimes your ancestors call out to you and make things happen in your present. This is how this story goes…Late last year I started to explore my family history from my mother’s side, regarded as one of the pioneering Indian families in South Africa. I knew that my great-grandfather worked with Gandhi when he was […]

New Bhajan Album Launch, Sama

  Growing up one of the weekly things I did with my mum was go to something called a bhajan, which I would describe as communal singing of spiritual songs. Bhajan is a centuries-old musical genre and a Sanskrit word that refers to any devotional song with a religious theme or spiritual ideas. So, when […]

Camilla Long’s column in the Sunday Times, ‘Enninful’s big goodbye says his Vogue was never for us’ – Is Wrong

      On Sunday, I read Camilla Long’s column in the Sunday Times, entitled, ‘Enninful’s big goodbye says his Vogue was never for us.’ It was interesting to read Long’s perspective, which I believe is one of white privilege and is something that I conclude after a lot of deliberation. In a nutshell, Long […]

The Body Shop

            I was sad to read that The Body Shop is facing a crisis and that its new owner, the third in seven years! – is expected to put the retailer’s UK business into administration. Aurelius, the private equity firm that bought The Body Shop for £207m in November 2023, […]

India’s 75th Republic Day Celebrated In the UK

What a brilliant night it was here in London, celebrating India’s 75th Republic Day on 26 January at the Guildhall organised by the High Commission of India. It was a colourful affair, truly representing the ‘living bridge’ between these two nations of sharing innovation, knowledge, and culture.   Republic Day is a national holiday in […]