Working With The Gandhi Foundation

Sometimes your ancestors call out to you and make things happen in your present. This is how this story goes…Late last year I started to explore my family history from my mother’s side, regarded as one of the pioneering Indian families in South Africa. I knew that my great-grandfather worked with Gandhi when he was in South Africa and helped Gandhi establish the South African Indian Congress; and that my grandfather was very active with the Indian Congress too and was instrumental in creating change, bringing sport, particularly football to the Indian community in South Africa.

Anyway, I started to think a lot about my grandfathers and their work with Gandhi, fast-forward to September last year, when I was invited to speak at Threads of Change, organised by Khadi London, at the Nehru Centre. At this event, the chairman of the Gandhi Foundation, Mark Hoda came to speak to me. He said he followed his instincts to talk to me (this is why we should always trust our gut instincts, that inner voice) and well, as they say, the rest is history. I am now very proud to be working with the Foundation.

The principles of Gandhi are so relevant to everything that is taking place today – we need to be the change to tackle climate change; we need tolerance for each other and more than anything we need collective people power for peace, and harmony and to create balance.


Photo Credits: The Gandhi Foundation