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My mission is to provide a genuinely uncompromised service where the exceptional is always the rule, where it is all about being the best, not the biggest. Developing brands and launching to the right market is what I do. Whether you have an existing brand or are new, the correct positioning is essential to your success. I have a proven track record of successful brand and product launches in the UK and globally.

It is about keeping it simple, powerful and cost effective; delivering work of distinction and innovation with courage, intelligence and true integrity. I always put my clients first ensuring there is no compromise.

I use my 'gut instincts' with my business experience, which allows me to be creative in the way I work and lets me love the work I do. I believe that by delivering the best solutions and service for my clients, the success of my business will naturally follow.


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Latest News

June 8th, 2016
Two Great Kings

Something a little different to the usual posts. A Serendipity PR tribute to Muhammad Ali.


June 8th, 2016
What’s the difference between Marketing and PR? Want to find out…

The FSB is hosting me to run a PR masterclass on 9 June in London in the evening; open to all…


May 17th, 2016
Am Speaking At The FSB Women Greater London Event on 14 June, 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

This session promises to be informative, interactive and fun!