Wonderful discovery today @skewdkitchen - food and service was wonderful
This is photo of my maternal grandfather, that is in the museum in Kimberley, South Africa...how amazing is that?! #Legacy #Kimberely #southafrica
Happy New Year from us...here’s to a decade full of love, laughter, happiness and good music always playing in the background. ❤️
It has been such an incredible year from celebrating 10 years of Serendipity PR to publishing my first book The PR Knowledge Book (https://www.amazon.co.uk/PR-Knowledge-Book-Sangeeta-Waldron/dp/1949991644). I want to thank you for being a part of Serendipity PR’s fabulous year – it ...
Spent a magical Gatsby evening with my old school friend Sarita, who made me a headband, which I will cherish. Though I look more Pocahontas with it on!
I remember when I first saw Sarita, I was 9 and she ...
Just taken. It’s a full moon tonight and is beautiful. The moon even seems to be wearing a little hat.
#fullmoon #december
I always thought having your birthday in summer was fun, that’s until I met my husband and have since discovered December birthdays are full of Christmassy atmosphere, that people are generally full of good old Christmas cheer and everything is ...
Beautiful morning light along Holly Walk today.
#Enfield #Hollywalk
Loved this strap line from Redefining Concept- clever young women who are changing stereotypes and conversations
Big Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating! Peace and love.
#thanksgiving #love