Happiness is a hedgehog in the garden. We discovered our new prickly friend last week and what we have found out is that it eats loudly (loud munching) and snores!
#garden #gardenlife #hedgehogs
These plastic-free, biodegradable, sustainably sourced hand soap bottles arrived today, made by CHOOSE, which we love 💓
#sustainable #sustainableliving
How I love my family...this arrived this morning painted by one of my brother-in-laws. It was such a lovely surprise.
I think you will agree it is beautiful ❤️
I lost my mum in January this year and it has taken me this long to find the words to say, as no words seemed enough. But today seems the perfect way to help me express what I want to ...
While we still have a long way to go to create gender equality globally & faster. I want to take a moment to say Happy International Women’s Day to all women - we should always have each other’s back. ❤️ ...